Uses of SS 316 Seamless Pipes

SS 316 Seamless Pipes are a popularly known for uniform structure and excellent mechanical strength to sustain in higher pressure and temperature conditions. These seamless pipes are used to produce various types of fittings such as bends, tees and elbows. These seamless pipes are without joint so available in many sizes, and specifications as per the industry requirements. SS 316 Seamless Pipes have many exceptional properties such as higher tensile strength, superior finish, higher ductility and low maintenance. These seamless pipes are highly robust and cost effective that make it mostly used in many industrial sectors in the global market.

Uses of SS 316 Seamless Pipes based on features:

SS 316 Seamless Pipes have exceptional resistance to corrosion and oxidation due to molybdenum content that make it reliable to use in any corrosive and reducing media. Due to higher resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion these seamless pipes are widely used in the chloride containing environments. This feature is useful in seawater applications. SS 316 Seamless Pipes have excellent weld ability and formability features, so these can be readily formable in any form as per the demands of industrial applications. These seamless pipes are poplar to use in architectural, and transportation fields. SS 316 Seamless Pipes also offer exceptional resistance in the environments with cryogenic temperatures. These pipes offer excellent toughness and higher flexibility in sectors with higher pressure and temperature conditions. The seamless pipes are highly resistant to many acidic and alkali media, so can easily withstand in aggressive and corrosive conditions. Due to this features, SS 316 Seamless Pipes can be used in marine applications, chemical equipment and pharmaceutical industries. SS 316 Seamless Pipes have excellent chemical and mechanical properties that make it useful in diverse range of industrial sectors such as, heat exchangers, chemical processing , petrochemical, oil and gas processing, food processing. The easy fabrication and installation make these seamless pipes useful in boat fittings and architectural applications.  SS 316 Seamless Pipes can be widely utilized in the application that requires excellent resistivity and ability to withstand in higher mechanical stress. Apart from this, these seamless pipes are reliable to use in the laboratory equipment, aerospace field, water filtration and many more. Due to excellent toughness and malleability, SS 316 Seamless Pipes are used in the commercial and engineering applications.