Delrin / Polyacetal Sheets and Plates

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Silver Tubes is one of the pioneer exporter & trader of Delrin / Polyacetal Sheets & Plates, which can be cut cleanly and accurately using an infrared laser, such as in a CO2 laser cutter. Because Delrin Sheets lacks the rigidity of most metals, care should be taken to use light clamping forces and sufficient support for the work piece. Machined Delrin Plates can be dimensionally unstable, especially with parts that have large variations in wall thicknesses. Delrin Coils is recommended that such features be "designed-out", such as by adding fillets or strengthening ribs. Annealing of pre-machined parts in Polyacetal Sheets before final finishing is an alternative. However, a rule of thumb is that in general, small components machined in Polyacetal Plates suffer from less warping. Polyacetal Coils is typically very difficult to bond, where special processes and treatments have been developed to improve bonding.

Characteristically these procedures in Delrin Alloy Sheets include surface etching, mechanical abrasion or flame treatment. Typical etching processes in Polyacetal Alloy Sheets involve chromic acid at elevated temperatures. Delrin Alloy Plates uses a patented process for treating acetyl homopolymer called sanitizing that creates a surface roughness sufficient for micromechanical interlocking. There are also processes in Polyacetal Alloy Plates involving oxygen plasma and corona discharge. Once the surface is prepared in Delrin Alloy Coils, a number of adhesives can be used for bonding, which includes epoxies, cyanoacrylates and polyurethanes. Polyacetal Alloy Coils have shown shear strength on mechanically abraded surfaces and on chemically treated surfaces.

Delrin / Polyacetal Sheets and Plates

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Delrin / Polyacetal Plates and Sheets Specification
Material Delrin / Polyacetal
Size (mm) 620 x 1000 , 620 x 2000 , 620 x 3000 , 1000 x 2000
Thickness 1 mm to 60 mm
Width Upto 1000 mm
Common Names Delrin®, Polymethylene glycol, Celcon®, Polyacetal, Poly(formaldehyde), Duracon®
Delrin / Polyacetal Plates and Sheets
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