Delrin / Polyacetal Rods and Bars

Silver Tubes is amongst the most recognized enterprises and widely engaged in offering a comprehensive array of Delrin / Polyacetal Rods and Bars, which are polymerized using an acid catalyst. Delrin Rods can take place in a non-polar solvent (in which case the polymer forms as a slurry) or in neat trioxide. After polymerization in Delrin Bars, the acidic catalyst must be deactivated and the polymer stabilized by melts or solution hydrolysis to remove unstable end groups. Stable Delrin Round Bars is melt compounded, adding thermal and oxidative stabilizers and optionally lubricants and miscellaneous fillers. Polyacetal Rods is supplied in a granulated form and can be formed into the desired shape by applying heat and pressure. The two most common forming methods employed in Polyacetal Bars are injection moulding and extrusion, where rotational moulding and blow moulding are also possible.

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Typical applications for injection-moulded Polyacetal Round Bars include high performance engineering components (e.g. ski bindings, yoyos, gear wheels, fasteners, lock systems, etc.) Delrin Wires is also widely used in the automotive and consumer electronics industry. Polyacetal Wires offer higher mechanical toughness, stiffness or low friction/ wear properties. Delrin Alloy Rods is commonly extruded as continuous lengths of round or rectangular section. Polyacetal Alloy Rods can be cut to length and sold as bar or sheet stock for machining. When offered as extruded, Delrin Alloy Bars may perhaps be machined by using traditional approaches such as drilling, turning, milling, etc.

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    • Features

      • Excellent dimensional stability
      • Continuous use temperature of 180°F
      • Consistent properties in wet or moist environments
      • Easy to machine to close tolerances
      • Very low moisture absorption
      • Excellent electrical properties
      • Porosity free
    • Delrin / Polyacetal Rods and Bars Specifications

      • Material - Delrin / Polyacetal
      • Size - 1/2" to 6"
      • Diameter - 5mm to 300 mm
      • Length - 300mm, 600mm, 1000mm
    • Applications

      • Engineering Components for Appliance
      • Electronic, Automotive, Textile machinery
      • electrical, electronic
      • mechanical, aeronautical
      • Bushings and bearings
      • Rollers and gears
      • Valves and manifolds
      • Scraper blades
      • Wear strips and pads
      • Jigs and fixtures
      • Electrical components
      • Parts which operate in water between 60 to 90C

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Delrin Bar

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Delrin Bar

Delrin Rod

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Delrin Rod

Polyacetal Bar

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 Polyacetal Bar

Polyacetal Rod

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Polyacetal Rod
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