Aluminium Pipes and Tubes

Sliver Tubes is a leading manufacturer and exporter of aluminium pipes and tubes hailing from India. We offer aluminium pipes and tubes in various grades such as aluminum alloy 5083-O, 6082 , 6063, 6061-T6 seamless pipes, 2024 extended tubing, 5083 extruded tubing, 7075 extruded tubes, 6061 extruded tubing, 6063 extruded tubing and more. Our aliminum pipes and tubes are used in a wide range of application such as Transportation Industry, Military and Defence, Electrical Bus Conductors, Solar and Renewable Energy, Marine Industry and more.

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Our Aluminum tubes are extruded in two different ways Porthhole extrusion and Seamless Extrusion. Our team of experts helps us design products that offer sustainability and reliability even under harsh usage. We offer products in customizable shapes to endure our customers get the most accurate products for their requirements.

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    • Pipes & Tubes Processing Services

      • Aluminum Pipes & Tubes Polishing
      • Aluminum Pipe & Tube Beveling
      • Heat Treatment, Annealing, Pickling
      • 100% X-Ray Welding for Large Diameter Custom Size Aluminum Pipes
      • Special Testing Requirements – Destructive Testing, Non Destructive Testing etc.
      • Ultrasonic Testing
    • Pipe and Tube Specifications

      • Material - Aluminum and Alloys of Aluminum
      • Standard - ASTM B221, B241, B429/ ASME SB 221, SB 241, SB 429
      • Thickness - Schedule 40, Schedule 80
      • Outside Diameter- 1" through 16"
      • Sizes - 8 (1-1/2" / 1.900")
      • Type - Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / LSAW Pipes
      • Length - Single, Double Random & Required Length
      • Form - Round, Square, Rectangular.
    • Aluminum Alloys Grades

      • Grades : 1100, 2011, 2014 & 2017, 2024, 3003, 5005, 5052, 5083 & 5086, 6061, 6063 and 7075
    • Applications

      • Widely used in cranes
      • Dump trucks
      • In bridges and other structural steel works
      • Transportation equipment
      • Automobile industry
      • Agriculture equipment
      • Roof supports
      • Spiral Cases and penstocks in power plants
      • Machine building
      • Steel constructions
      • Framework structures
      • Containers
      • Pylons and other architectural structures
      • Offshore industries

Extruded Tube and Pipe Alloys, Specifications, Dimensional Capabilities

Alloys Tempers Specifications
1100 O ASTM B221, B241
2024 O, T3, T3511 ASTM B221, B241; AMS 4152; ASME SB221; AMS-QQ-A-200/3
3003 O, H112 ASTM B221, B241
5052 O ASTM B221, B241; ASME SB241
6061 O, T4, T4511, T6, T6511 ASTM B221, B241; AMS 4150; ASME SB241; MIL-P-25995; AMS-QQ-A-200/8
6063 O, T4, T5, T6 ASTM B221, B241
7005 F, T53 ASTM B221
7046 F, O
7050 F,
7075 O, T6, T6511 ASTM B221, B241; AMS 4154; AMS-QQ-A-200/11
Dimensional Ranges
Product Form Round Square Rectangle Wall*
SA Structural Extruded .750″ – 8.625″ .750″ – 6.000″ up to 9″ cc .083″ – .500″
SA Seamless Extruded 1.000″ – 8.625″ STI STI .065″ – 1.500″
HA Seamless Extruded 1.625″ – 4.500″ STI STI .110″ – .749″

Drawn Seamless Tube and Pipe Alloys, Specifications, Dimensional Capabilities

Alloys Tempers Specifications
2024 O, T3 AMS 4086, 4087, 4088; AMS-T-700/3; ASTM B210
3003 O, H12, H14 AMS 4065, 4067; AMS-T-700/2; ASME SB234; ASTM B210
5052 O, H32, H34 AMS 4069, 4070, 4071; AMS-T-700/4; ASME SB210; ASTM B210, B234, B483
6061 O, T4, T6 AMS 4079, 4080, 4081, 4082, 4083; AMS-T-700/6; AMS-T-7081; ASME SB-210; ASTM B210, B234, B241, B483; MIL-P-25995
6063 O, T6, T831, T832 ASTM B241, B483; MIL-P-25995
7050 O, T6, T76
7068 O, T6
7075 O, T6, T76, T73 ASTM B210; AMS-T-700/7
K749 T6
Dimensional Ranges
Product Form Round Square Rectangle Wall*
Soft Alloy Drawn Seamless .188″ – 6.250″ .250″ – 2.000″ up to 3″ cc .018″ – .250″
Hard Alloy Drawn Seamless .188″ – 3.000″ .250″ – 2.000″ up to 3″ cc .018″ – .250″

Other types of Aluminum alloys Pipe and Tube

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Aluminum Pipe

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Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum Tube

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Aluminum Tube

Aluminium Alloy Grades Pipes

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Aluminium Alloy Grades Pipes

Aluminium Alloy Grades Tubes

Suppliers and Exporters of 1100 Aluminum Tube, 2011 Aluminum alloys Tubes, 2014 aluminum Tube price, 2017 aluminum Tubes, 2024 aluminum Tubing, inventories of 3003 aluminium Tube, 5005 aluminum Tube, 5052 aluminum Tube, 5083 aluminum Tubing, 5086 Aluminium alloy Tube, 6061 aluminium Tube, 6063 aluminium Tube, 7075 Aluminium Tubes, buy High Quality Aluminum Tubing

Aluminium Alloy Grades Tube
  • Aluminum Pipe

    Aluminum Pipe

  • Aluminum Tube

    Aluminum Tube

  • Aluminium Alloy Grades Pipes

    Aluminium Alloy Grades Pipes

  • Aluminium Alloy Grades Tubes

    Aluminium Alloy Grades Tubes

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